Tuesday, April 6, 2010

AVON's Super Extend Mascara Review

It was more than a couple of days, but this weekend was Easter! Without further ado, here is my second review: Super Extend Mascara from AVON.

"AVON's new Super Extend Mascara is an amazing investment for my makeup bag. I have never used anything like it. I initially bought it for a play I was doing, where my character was based off of Dolly Parton. I thought I would have to buy fake lashes to have them be seen from the audience. It just so happened that this mascara came out the week before my play opened, so I got some to try. I put it on for my dress rehearsal, and I even fooled MYSELF into thinking I had on false lashes. They were thick, and long. But, my favorite thing about the Super Extend Mascara is this: When I am a bad girl, and don't wash my face before bed (this happens often after a play, when I am too exhausted to care about my skin) it doesn't look bad in the morning! Normally (and, yes, even with other AVON mascaras...) I will end up with "raccoon eyes" in the morning. Granted, with most AVON mascaras it is not as bad as with grocery store brands. However, with the Super Extend Mascara I honestly forgot I had gone to bed with it on! I woke up and saw myself in the mirror and under my eyes was totally clean. No smears. No flakes. None of that gross stuff in the corners of my eyes, either. And I didn't have to put mascara on! It was already there. I'm not condoning two-day makeup, or not washing your face before bed. But, let's be honest, we've all done it before. I'm not nearly as good with words as my husband is, so you'll have to excuse this review. However, bad with words or not, let me just leave you with this conclusion: AVON's Super Extend Mascara is the best mascara I have ever used. And I absolutely love it! Thank you."~Alyssa Shively

Well, there you have it. More to come. Please leave any requests in the comment box. And don't forget to follow me!
You can purchase the Super Extend Mascara by going to my AVON website and searching "Super Extend"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Silky Stay Shave Gel by AVON, Product Review

This is the first of many product reviews coming your way. I had my husband write it, because this his all-time favorite product. I bought the Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Silky Stay Shave Gel for myself, and ended up having to buy him his own bottle. Please enjoy, and if you have any questions about this product, ask them here. He or I will get back to you ASAP.

"As a man it’s difficult to find a wide variety of personal hygeine products that offer significantly different features. All razors are generally the same, as are most non-specialty shampoos and body washes. But the biggest problem comes from shaving cream and gels. I could never find a single product that was easy, clean, and quick to use until I was introduced to the Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Silky Stay Shave Gel. Sure, it’s a mouthful to get out when you’re telling your friends about it, but it really is worth it to spread the word. It feels nicer on my skin than most store-bought shaving gels AND it’s packaged in a tube rather than a metal can which means you can drop it without wracking your ears in the morning. It also means that it doesn’t fly out and squirt the mirror with a long blue streak like you’re some kind of barber shop graffiti artist. The gel is dispensed at your control! The best feature the Silky Smooth Stay Shave Gel has to offer is in it’s name. It’s not a messy lathering gel that works into a huge uncontrollable foam, rather it’s a smooth gel that stays on your skin as you shave. It provides comfort, control, and helps keep your razor clean by lubricating the spaces between the blades. Not to mention it’s a light blue tint so you can see what you’ve shaved and what you haven’t if you’re only doing daily upkeep instead of a major body hair overhaul. I know it was developed for women but this stuff really works and BECAUSE it was developed for women, i.e. shaving legs, you can use it all over your body without any worry of ‘wait, this is just for my face...’ Use it on your face, your underarms, or any other area you want to keep trim. Trust me, it works!" ~Aaron Shively

To order this product go to: My AVON Store and input product number 587903

My future with AVON

Ok, I have not done my best using this blog to my advantage. I have never been good at knowing what to say in these kinds of things. However, I have decided to kick it off on the right foot, I will start putting up AVON product reviews. They will be written by my family, my customers, and myself. I will try to put up a new every other day (or even every day!) until I have exhausted all of the products that we currently use. Feel free to request a review, or ask questions, if there is a product you are specifically interested in. In the future I will be adding before and after pictures for some of the ANEW skincare line, and the Footworks line. I will also be doing some tutorials on makeup, skincare, etc that will be uploaded to Youtube and linked to from here.
You may ask what got me suddenly back on the blogging bandwagon. Well, here it is. My husband and I are living with my parents right now, because we need to be close. I started selling AVON because I have trouble holding down a regular job (I get horrible migraines, and they interfered a lot when I worked at a grocery store) but felt I needed to contribute to the household. Well, the house next door has gone up for sale. I want...Scratch that, I NEED that house. I am realistic, I know there is a chance I may not get it. I also know I can't do all my sales online. But, I may as well put out all my resources and try, right?! Right?! Right. AVON is going to be MY answer to financial freedom. Please subscribe to the blog, check out the Youtube videos, become my friend on Facebook (Alyssa Shively) whatever it is, and I will keep you posted on specials, new products, etc. If you are interested in selling AVON yourself, let me know and I'll do what I can to get you signed up.

Hope to see you all around, feel free to comment with questions or ideas for the blog. I'm really new to this.
Alyssa Shively - AVON Independent Sales Representative

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trying out a blog

I have never had a blog before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I figured now that I'm selling AVON I can put up product reviews and things of that nature. So, that is what I will be doing. For now I'm just testing things out and seeing how it works.